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The weekend was over in a flash, like always!  Saturday was probably one of the nicest, most relaxing Saturdays that I've had in a while...much needed and much enjoyed.  Friday was full of hustle and bustle: cleaning house, DH installing the new full-glass storm door on the front of the house AND putting up new 6x6 posts on the porches!  So, after running in and out on Friday (gauging DH's handy-work), it was nice just to enjoy Saturday :)  I made a couple of new things (a set in pink and white) for The Red Robin:
Cute little banner flags for all sorts of projects.  There are eight different sentiments using the Picture This stamp set by Stampin Up!  I then added a little glitter, attached them to a toothpick and tied on a bow of baker's twine...sweet!
I love to poke around in places like Dollar General;   you can find so many inexpensive things to use in your craft projects or items to repurpose:
jute: for tying up packages 
toothpicks and bamboo skewers: for making fun cupcake toppers and other embellishments
sugar shakers: store beads, glitter and other small charms in
muffin tins:  keeps small embellishments tidy.  Can also be hung from a wall and add magnets for attaching magazine ideas, notes, etc.
silverware tray: slide this into a drawer and sort long stickers, rub-ons...keeps them neatly on their side and makes thumbing through a breeze.  Also nice for storing scissors, pens and rulers
canning jars: add homemade goodies to the inside and embellish the outside with ribbons, trims, fun reproduction tags...a fun, quick gift!
trinkets from party supply section: baby rattles are amongst my favorite trinket to add to an album cover or card
silk flower bushes: remove from stem, insert a button or brad through the center and add to various projects
blank journals or spiral notebooks: simply cover the outside with scrapbook papers and embellishments...teacher's love these
color tipped straight pins:  straight pins are all the craze...insert these into the flowers or bows of card fronts
I could literally go on and on!  I can find a crafty use for just about anything, including the boxes that food comes in LOL  If you have a good dollar store tip, please share :)
Okay, friends, it's time to get ready for night-shift duty.  I'll see  you all in a day or two!
Have a happy week!

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