Sketch No. 156

I've participated in my very first sketch challenge at Creative Scrappers today!  
It definitely made me think outside the box, as I didn't want to do just strips of paper or ribbon as shown in the sketch.  So, I came across a large numeral 3 that I actually had in a give-away box.  I searched for a three subject photo and voila!
I traced the 3 twice onto two different patterned papers, cut them both out and sliced them into 1" sections (alternating between the two patterns).  I then stitched it down and began working the photo and embellishments around it :)  Turned out pretty good if I do say so myself
3 Little Mermaids
The Sketch
Tomorrow it's back to work, so I'm not sure how much more 'play' time I'll have over at Inspired 2 Scrap.  I was hoping to get most of the challenges done, but man, time is just flying right by.
We got new sod yesterday :)  Hopefully no more tracking in dust when it's dry out and mud when it's wet least I hope!  It's amazing how much half green/half brown grass can brighten  your life.  Rain has been here and there today so maybe we won't have to get the water-hose after it too many times.
Off to the dreaded Wal-Mart just as soon as the kiddies get home.  But we'll top it off with a Domino's pizza and a good movie (at least I'm hoping).
Have a good weekend!

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