Redo Saturday

Busy day yesterday!  The roofers were here at sun-up and had our old roof off and new one on by, I wish that I could move like that LOL  They did have to replace some of the decking around the chimney and boards on the facing, so all-in-all they were lightening fast.  We're hoping with the shingle upgrade and roof vent that we'll stay cooler and save some moolah in the meantime :)
 I decided to re-do the Elle's 6-2 Thursday Challenge.  You know when something doesn't grab you, and the original layout that I created just didn't grab me!  Here is the re-do and the one that I submitted for the challenge

The Red Robin received an invitation yesterday to be a sponsor for the Strawberry Swing Indie Craft Fair in Kansas City on July 10th.  I'll be sending some Ruffled Crepe Trim for them to decorate with!  I'm so excited to get some exposure in a non-Etsy environment :)
 If you're in the area, please check them out!

Also on July 9th & 10th, mark your calendars for the Lemonade & Layouts Crop at Absolutely Alter It Message Board (formerly Life Preserver's Club).  I've known most of these ladies for years, and I mean years.  We were chatting the other night about how long we've been together since I started the Life Preserver's Scrapbook Club in 2002!  Some of the very first Forum members have 2005 stamped on the date they has definitely flown by.  It's amazing to watch others' children grow up before your eyes...I mean, you don't necessarily notice how much your own kids grow, so it's really neat to step back into people's lives after a year or so and see the transformation!  I feel so lucky to have meet several of these ladies in person and I hope to do it again someday ♥

Okay, I'm off to Little Rock for a Fetal Monitoring class, which starts tomorrow through Tuesday.  I hate to leave my happy home and my craft room hahahaha, but duty calls, I guess.
See you all soon!

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