Flowers + Friends= Priceless

Saturday's mailed yielded the brand new I Hearty {Ippity} Stamps from Unity that I'll be working with this month.  I was on my way to work for the next two nights, so I haven't had time to show them off.

Flowers + Friends= Priceless
When I spotted the large spiral flower, I knew that I wanted to use it to create at least a couple of 3-D flowers. So easy!  I'm sharing a little how-to for those of you who may not have experimented with this type of flower-making yet :)

Stamp image onto cardstock; begin cutting into the flower from any edge.  Continuously cut towards the center of the flower.

Begin rolling flower by starting from the can use a toothpick to roll the paper around.  Once you've completely rolled the paper, add a dab of glue to the center (shown) and allow to dry.

The finished image.  Add a brad, button or pearl to the center to complete the look.
 As you can see, I stamped the flower again...twice... onto the red cardstock and simply cut out the image.  I used my fingernail to give the edges a distressed look before adding a little glitter to all three flowers.  Sweet and cheery! 
Thanks for looking and don't forget to shop I Heart {Ippity}

  1. Such a great idea! I love the rolled flowers! Beautiful!!

  2. Beautiful Card! Fabulous tutorial, I am going to try it! Thanks so much!


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