So many thinks to think...

...just thought I'd quote Dr. Suess this morning.  But that's how my mind feels right now...think, think, think!  Remember to do this and don't forget to do that.  I thrive on busyness and multi-tasking; maybe it's because I can actually feel my blood pumping, which is a good thing, right? :)  Some people work better under pressure...not saying that I don't look like a crazy woman while I'm at it, but I actually get a kick out of working on a layout while putting on make-up and folding clothes LOL  I keep reminding myself to enjoy these days when our kids are young, healthy and very active...couple that with my own priorities and yes, I have a gloriously full plate ♥ A Senior mom has always taken on the responsibility of coordinating the pre-game feeding of the Varsity football boys; of course I volunteered.  After-all, I've been helping out for the past two years and know the ropes...what foods weigh them down and if you put 200 cupcakes out, 35 boys will find a way to eat them...all.  DH and I also haul the inflatable Bear tunnel and a trailer loaded with portable water coolers to all of the away-games.  Hey, I get there extra-early, take lots of pictures of the boys warming up AND get a great seat!  Top that off with a WIN for the underdog and I'm a super happy momma!  So proud of both of my boys' WINS this week...way to go, always play like champs and like gentlemen :)
Tyler #44 was one of Friday night's captains and got to go out for the coin toss
Zachry #12 rushes the quarterback at Thursday's game...way to hustle, Zach!
 Now onto some scrappy news!
First of all...I made it!  I can't believe it, but I made the My Scrapbook Nook Design Team.  Truly I was much talent to choose from and they picked little ole me ☺
Congratulations to these lovely ladies- they have all earned a spot on the Nook Team!
Anna Sigga- Iceland
Carol Monson- USA
Danni Reid-USA
Deanna Misner- USA
Gina Rodgers-Australia
Hilde L Aaslund- Norway
Jaz Lee- Singapore
Jessy Christopher-Malaysia
Katarina Damm-Blomberg- Finland
Kim Moreno-USA
Leah Killian-USA
LG Belarmino- Phillipeans
Lilith Eeckles- Belgium
Lisa Kisch- Canada
Marinette LEFEVRE- France
Nicole Nowosad- Canada
Pamella Brown-USA
Shellye McDaniel-USA
Stacey Michaud- USA
There are many ladies on this team whom I have admired for quite some time; what a dream to be named amongst them.  I'll work on getting their blog links up on my sidebar so you can take a gander at their work :)  Visit us over at The Nook Forum...I'm pretty picky about Forums...this one is AMAZING!

It's layout time!  Oh my goodness, I've had the best time playing with Fancy Pants' OFF TO SCHOOL papers, stickers, glitter cuts and filter papers.  I will have a Stash Fav post on the YSS Blog coming up soon where I share a couple of ideas for using the Filter papers.  In the meantime, here is a layout that I did using the filters as created its own unique look after each was machine stitched and distressed.
I love the way the banners curl to-and-fro!  I also used a star as a mask and spritzed a little Tattered Angels around it.  I also spritzed with Smooch Spray and a few flecks of butter-cream acrylic paint.
 Patterned paper, rubon stars and filter papers from OFF TO SCHOOL line.

And my very favorite layout that I've completed guessed it, Fancy Pants' Off to School! I took another one of the large Filter papers and folded it in half to resemble a sun...well, half of a sun anyway.

Hope everyone has a terrific weekend!  Thanks for always stopping by and leaving comments...I appreciate them so very much♥

  1. BIG congrats on making the team. Love those two layouts. Really stunning!

  2. Shelleye, I was SO excited to see your name on that list! I can't wait to get to know you better and work alongside you. Oh, and AWESOME layouts! Those ROCK!!

  3. Your LAYOUTS are fabulous! I am hoping one day to branch into scrapbooks, I just don't have the talent for it yet..

  4. Huge congrats! I'm so happy for you!
    Your layouts are so gorgeous!Love your style


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