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Yes, it is November 15th and I have the majority of my Christmas buying done.  I'm in the midst of compiling photos for my mother's annual calendar.  When I mentioned that I might not have time to pull a calendar out of the hat this year, I swear that I saw a tear...well, and the whining pretty much gave away her dislike of that idea LOL.  You know, she's my dear mom and she doesn't ask much of me at one way or the other, I will have her gift done by December 25th (in years past some of the pages are still wet with glue...nothing like a little procrastination).

Tyler will be 18 shortly after Christmas.  I think this is the first year that he's only asked for ONE video game.  *sniff* he actually requested 'grown up' gifts this year like a Fossil watch, Oakley sunglasses, cologne, a pair of blue jeans, lounge pants, socks and underwear :)

Zachry; not much on his list either.  The generic blanket term "clothes", two XBOX games, one PSP game, socks, underwear and a Kindle.  Oh and Axe...he's gotta smell good too!

Sydnee...well, she's nine and of course her list keeps growing.  Luckily everything she's asked for is fairly inexpensive and of course she won't get all of it anyway hehehe
I had a FIT when I saw this cute coverlet from JCPenney.
She's been begging for a hot pink and zebra room and yes, I've been warding her off. Anyway, she'll get her wish in a much more palatable tone than screamin' hot pink and big honkin' zebra strips @@
 For my project this week at I Heart Ippity, I decided to design a cute door hanger to go along with Syd's NEW bedroom color scheme :)
I dressed the Maya Road frame in My Mind's Eye Fine & Dandy, used a computer font for the name plate and then stamped the cute girl image.
And YES, it will be wrapped and given with the coverlet and pillows!

It's up, it's up!  
My HELLO FALL project is up at LYB Blog today.
I will share a few photos here, but be sure to stop by their blog to see the full tutorial, more photos and leave a little much-appreciated L♥O♥V♥E
My project is two-fold...a Fall Family Tree Display that partly doubles as a place setting name plate/accent
--the Fall Family Tree--
--one of the 'apples' from my tree...used at a place setting--

--i used a lot of the chipboard embellishments such as birds, owls and leaves--
--each apple was layered with tons of goodies from the HELLO FALL collection--
I will be posting my latest CARDS Challenge tomorrow...a little prize in store for one lucky winner.
Congratulations to Michelle Price for winning my challenge from last week, "GIVE THANKS"
The Message Board is back up and running, so stop by and check out the super challenges and wonderful inspiration.
There is a section that I'm quite excited about: December Daily.  Yep, I'm taking the plunge this year.  I've already started on the base pages and look to have them all sewn up by the weekend. If you're not familiar with December Daily, there is a great write-up of tried and true methods and ideas found at The Nook Forum!  I'll show off my album just as soon as I'm done.

My oldest son, Tyler and his fellow De Kalb Bears Varsity football team will be playing for an Area win in our district this Friday night.  To say we're excited is truly an understatement.  Driving around our small town, you will see that most every business has their windows painted up and flying a DeKalb Bears sign outside their door.  We're hosting a city-wide Pep Rally Thursday night and selling car flags, pom poms, hamburgers and hoodies LOL! Community pride is something that I hold very dear.  Small towns have their moments, but it's times like these that I'm glad to say that I'm a small town-girl :)
Be back soon enough!  Be blessed!

  1. Just left you some love on the LYB blog! LOVE your project!!! TFS! (became a follower straight away!)

  2. Left you some love too at the LYB blog. Your project is amazing and so creative!!

  3. Well, love your door hanger. It is definitely a perfect match and so darling. patnbobcuddy at gmail dot com

  4. I've said it before, and I'll say it again...just gorgeous Shellye!!... :) Gx

  5. This is just about the MOST gorgeous thing I have ever seen! Why are there not hundreds of comments on this? You are amazing Shellye


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