The Rule of Three's

It's just about that time...time for my class to begin at
Miss Art's Papercrafting School!

Three, triad, triplet, trio, third, and trilogy are just a few of the words we use to describe a group of three. Triangular design can be found in nature, in art, and in the signs and advertisements we see every day. In scrapbooking, this design principle may not be quite as obvious, yet the impact of a well placed trio should not be overlooked. In “The Rule of 3’s” Shellye McDaniel brings the triangle to the page and demonstrates how to use this design principle along with grids, odd numbers, and a smidge of science to make your pages more visually appealing. Miss Art’s Papercrafting School begins making odd numbers balance perfectly on 3/1/12.

That's right!  I'll be showing how to easily incorporate and achieve the visual triangle in a layout, how to use and construct your own grid for a layout, how to distribute color and embellishments in an odd manner and finally, we'll put all of these concepts together in a final layout :)
I hope that you'll come by and check it out.  This is a great class for beginning scrapbookers or those who would like to take their pages to a different level.
Email me if you have any questions regarding the class :)

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