I'm Makin' Waves!

It's Release Party Week at Imaginisce!
If you love bright, candy-colored fun, then you will love the brand new
 Makin' Waves Collection
for all of your summery and sunny photos.
I had a blast crafting with this adorable collection...so many textures, dimension and cute motifs.
First up, a Flip Flop Mini Album

   I used a pair of size 5-6 ladies flip flops.  For the FRONT pages, trace and trim out each flip flop separately.  For the BACK page, place the flip flops side-by-side onto a chipboard sheet, trace and cut out as one piece.  Dress chipboard pieces with desired Makin' Waves patterned papers, carefully trim to size.
For the inner pages, I used a trapezoid shape (7" wide at the top and 5" wide at the bottom...this will depend up on the size flip flops used).  You could use a variety of shapes such as stars, circles, hearts, squares, etc.
Punch holes at each side of the front flip flops; stagger inner pages so that one attaches to flip flop A and the next to flip flop B, etc. 
Finally, lay front flip flops over the back flip flop piece; match up as best as you can.  Mark holes and punch into the back flip flop piece.  Use large rings to hold your album together.

 Next up, a layout...Sun Kissed Girl
And finally, some really cool Swim Party Invitations!

 And a Release Party wouldn't be a Release Party without a fun giveaway!
So here's what you need to do.
Leave us a comment on each post this week and you will be entered into a random draw.
Today we'd like to hear what your favorite summer-time activity is.
 Makin' Waves Collection Pack

(winner will be announced Fri., March 16th)
Thanks for dropping by!
  1. how cute are these projects?! LOVE them!

  2. these are so cute!!!! you totally rocked this ;)

  3. eek! LOVE the flip flops girl :)

  4. WOW! That flip flop mini album is the cutest thing ever! And the layout... and the invitations! Awesome work! ♥

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