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Glad to have made it!

We fared better than our neighbors in the Dallas area, but
MAN, the weather last night gave me more than one grey hair @@
Not. Fun.  
Then around 10:30, there was an enormous clap of thunder and burst of lightening close by...really close by. 
I unplugged all of the electronics and went to bed!
Little did we know that what we had heard struck a house just down the road from us.
Our friends heard about a house fire on the scanner, jumped from the bed, put on their clothes 
and headed our way.  From the description, it sounded like our place.  I wondered why someone was 
sitting at the end of our drive with their lights on bright around 11:00 LOL
But by the afternoon today, it was all blue skies and sunshine once again.
Oh what a difference a day makes :)
I'd like to personally thank the Good Lord...I know he got tired of hearing from me last night hehe

As I mentioned's
And today featured a buffet of wonderful Easter cards!
Here's a peek at mine

 For the border, I used a fun combination of paper covered brad daddies and assorted buttons.
Instead of using watercolors on the stamped image, I went for the colored pencils.
I'm going to give it to my mom on Easter...I think she'll love it :)
--------------------------------------------------------------------'s I Heart Ippity time!
See you then


  1. This is such a cuet card. Amazing!

  2. Glad that you are safe, I love this... Especially the buttons


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