Monday Blog Hop & Give-A-Way

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Monday Blog Hop & Give-A-Way
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Sometimes I feel like Uncle Billy from It's A Wonderful Life.  
You know Uncle Billy always sported the string tied onto several fingers so-as-not-to
forget something important.  I may wear a coat to work, but not need it in the morning and then leave it at work!  Or my half-eaten lunch that gets left at work for four days.  In the past I have
stapled a sticky note to my keys simply saying "don't forget"...I know immediately with 
the reminder that I have a box to carry home or need to stop somewhere before I leave.
With that concept in mind, I came up with this super-cute 
reminder fob!  I can tuck it into the safety of a large pocket in my bag and then pull it out 
and attach it to my keys when I need to remember that all-important-thing!
I used a Maya Road sheer journal card and rubonz from EAD.
You could also create personalized backpack tags, luggage tags, etc.
Quick and fun!
I'm the caboose this week...hope you've enjoyed this week's blog hop :)

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