Good Luck With That...

My daughter has been overwhelmed with poison ivy/oak
rashes for going on three weeks now.  The first week, it was around the left eye only.
It cleared up within a couple of days and we thought she was on the road to
relief.  Then this past Saturday we got up and dressed for dance recital pictures.  
I noticed that her right cheek was a little had 'that' look and I suspected that 
while riding the four-wheeler Friday afternoon, that she'd gotten into the poison yet again!
By the end of Saturday evening, she was all puffy, red and itching all over her entire face.  
So, Sunday, we're at the quick care clinic where she gets the much-needed steroid injection
and some other medication.  Syd is not a big girl at all size wise and boy her little face just
puffed up!  As the week has progressed, new patches of rashes have shown up from 
head-to-toe!  She has been such a little trooper and finally, finally made it back to 
school today after missing this entire week and three days two weeks before.
Field Day for the 4th grade is tomorrow and she absolutely does not want to miss it.
She has won a BLUE ribbon in the 100 Meter Dash for the last two years.
I'm not quite sure that she'll be up to 'speed' this year given all that she's been through.

So, I've told you all of that to get to this....
I made up a cute little treat bag to give to her on Field Day...I'm hoping it will
brighten her spirits...just in case the blue ribbon isn't in her reach this year :)

This is my Totally Terrific Thursday project for I Heart {Ippity} 
I will fill this Kraft Bag with some of her favorite sweets, like the
Nutella snack packs...yummm!

I used the sentiment stamp from
and I created the sun using a 1.5" round punch and the 
26mm I TOP Punch from Imaginisce (also makes great flowers!)
Sticker letters by October Afternoon.
Hand-cut flowers from MME Stella Rose
Kraft bag from The Kraft Outlet 
 And don't forget...the most amazing crop is being held right this very minute at
My Scrapbook Nook!  The full events start this Saturday, May 5th, but nothing like getting revved up 
with a few fun challenges beforehand. 
I personally invite you to come on over and celebrate National Scrapbooking Day with us 
through this Saturday. 

That's all for this Thursday my sweet friends...see y'all soon!
  1. Bless your daughter's heart! Poison ivy is awful, especially for little ones. My mom and brother have always been severely allergic to it, and until recently I couldn't comprehend the duscomfort they were in. Last summer I got a taste of it on my leg. Talk about wanting to scratch the itch!

    I hope that your little one is on the mend, and wish her the best of luck tomorrow. This card will truly put a smile on her face! :)

  2. your poor girl ;( that's so sad. But what an amazing little tag you made for her!!! it's beautiful. we have field day on Friday too ;) My kids hate it!

  3. Oh no! Poor girl!!!! Your tag is just adorable!!! loving the new look on your blog!!

  4. Oh dear! Hope the lil girl will be well soon. It must be difficult for her. That's a beautiful tag.

  5. oh the poor babe, that is so hard, hopefully she is feeling better. i love your field day bag too, brilliant idea♥

  6. Ah, poor kid. I have never had poison oak. I imagine it's quite unpleasant. Beautiful treat bag! That would cheer anyone up. :)

  7. Good luck to your daughter. Love the little sun on your gift bag!

  8. Love your treat bag!! and I really hope your little girl will be okay soon!! Big hug!!


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