A Graveyard Smash...

...the MONSTER MASH...
(creepy door opening)
It's Monster Mash Release Week at Imaginisce
 and I'm super excited to be sharing the projects that I 
crafted with it.  If you haven't seen the full collection of Monster Mash,
just stroll on over to Imaginsice!  I love that they've stuck with the traditional
Halloween colors and added in a bit of dusty teal blue and green. 
As with all Imaginisce collections, cuteness abounds :)
For this I started with a plain 'ole inexpensive 3-paned wooden plaque.
After painting the wood black, I added a square of patterned paper in
place of a photograph and began embellishing.

Imaginisce Die Cuts are so generous in size and can easily be layered
with other matching elements such as pieces from the Sticker Stackers or 
Canvas Stickers.  Don't be afraid to remove (gently) the witch's shoes from the
sticker and try it out somewhere else...I just add a little dab of glue to the 
foam dot and you're good to go!

And you know how much I love my leaf punch...I used it here along with
a few Brad Daddies and die-cuts.

 I glittered BOO chipboard letters in a purple/silver mixture.
Wanting a soft touch, I tied on chevron ribbon bows to the eye-hooks between
each panel and also at the top for the hanger.

This HUGE bat die-cut is all you need at the top!
He's utter perfection...who couldn't LOVE a face like that?

For my layout I followed the gallon-quart-ounce theory.
In design it it good to remember to keep things in proportion, whether it's color,
photos or embellishments.  The dominate color is purple (gallon), followed by
the blue (quart) and then the green (ounce).
The main focus of embellishments is in the bottom 1/3 of the page,
as well as at the right vertical 1/3 of the page.
Proportion helps the flow of a layout, gives rest to the eye and
keeps things pleasing to the viewer :)

Aren't they the cutest parade of characters?
With the exception of the sticker letters and Thickers, everything that
I've used can be found at Imaginisce!

So glad you've stopped by to see my contribution to 
I'm sure that there will be many other projects to follow as I 
won't be getting enough of this collection any time soon :)

  1. That door hanger is adorable! That layout just rocks! Your design is so fun and talk about cuteness! Love it!:)


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