Paper Haus in tha Cottage...& WINNERS!

What an exciting moment this is!
The contributors just received a sneak peek of the very first issue of 
I'm blown away.
It's beautiful. we go...I give you
The Paper Haus Inaugural

You can click and enlarge and scroll...whatever your heart desires!
My projects can be found on pages 31 and 42.
**It has been noted that the best way to view the magazine is with Firefox/Safari**
Here is a peek at the cover and a direct link if you can't view from above:

Paper Haus Magazine: Fall 2012 Edition

I have the two winners from my blog listed below :)

One of my contributions was to the Fall Paper Hues segment;
I'm sharing a few more photos of it below ♥

 I created this little trio wall-hanging especially for this issue:

When we were first introduced to the color scheme I knew that I had 
seen something very similar at one point in time.
  A-ha!  My Mind's Eye Mischievous of course!
I created the layered pumpkins with the nesting lace dies by Lifestyle Crafts.
I also used a couple of different punches that I had on hand, as well as creating
my own template for the large pumpkin leaves and nose.  
 Isn't it the sweetest?!?

And the winners of the handmade crepe fringe
from Dot & Whimsy are:
  Angel said...have always loved your work Shellye! Thanks for the inspirations! *liked* & followed your blog
August 26, 2012 11:42 AM


BloggerDawn Woolf said...
Oh I really like this!! The rustic country look of the colors and that cute burlap bow is so relaxing to the soul! Thank you so much for sharing!

I am a new follower! Thank you for the chance to win your goodies!!
August 27, 2012 11:14 PM

Just email me at with your two choices and your address, ladies!

And let me add a great, BIG, HUGE
to every single one of you who dropped by and left such sweet comments!
They truly, truly made my week :)
Hope you enjoy and are inspired by the new magazine...Paper Haus!
See you all soon  ♥
  1. Oh my, this is just too fabulous!!

  2. this is sooo stinkin cute!!!! Just love it!!!! And I am going to flip thru Paper Haus magazine a bit later....I am so happy to see this out!!!

  3. thank you so much Shellye!!! :) YAY!!!! *shreaks with delight!*


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