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Welcome to the Monday installment of the

Only one more Monday to share our EAD projects with you :(
As you probably know, EAD will no longer be taking orders and
will be closing their doors at the end of this month.
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My daughter went to her very first Halloween party over
the weekend.  I can't remember ever buying my kids a costume.  
We've always used resources from around the house!  
Yes, call me a tight-wad I don't care LOL
Let me share what she came up with....she called herself a 'nerd ballerina'
I thought she looked like Junie B Jones :)

 Ahhh, thank goodness for Dance costumes, right!?!
She wanted a little 'hostess' gift for her friend, so
we came up with this:

Clear pillow boxes are just perfect for vinyl from EAD!
We literally finished this in 5 minutes...and her friend was 
absolutely ecstatic!  Win, Win!

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Glad you stopped by!
  1. Very cute costume and great treat box!

  2. LOVE the costume! The treat box is so sweet! Now where to get clear pillow boxes?

  3. Adorable pillow box and a terrific costume! Yay for creativity and not having to buy or sew a costume :)

    Your dd looks like she has a super fun personality!

  4. this is adorable! as is your daughter. love her creativity..nerd ballerina rocks :)

  5. I LOVE those pictures of your daughter!! She is just too cute!!!!
    Adorable treat boxes!! I love the clear pillow boxes and really need to pick some up :)

  6. First of all your daughter is so adorable! Love her costume
    And the stickers on the pillow box? I want one ! :)

  7. spooktacular giftie :)

    your girl is super cute in her outfit!!!
    we never bought costumes either, was funner making up our own :)

  8. oh my gosh too cute!!! LOVE your daughters costume!! CLEVER!!!

  9. she looks adorable and your box is too sweet!

  10. Such a cute costume.. I made all my kids costumes also. They loved them. I meant so much more to them.

  11. such a fun packaging idea and love the pics of your girl!

  12. Fun little giftie!

    I think the costume is awesome, no matter what she is. lol It's just fun and silly and perfect for a night with friends.

  13. love the project. great photos

  14. Love her costume. Love the hostess gift you made. TFS.
    dmcardmaker (at AOL)


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