I'm A Doodlebug!

It is with great excitement that I can now announce....
That's right!  I've been selected to be a part of the 
I have loved Doodlebug ever since laying eyes on their cute
stuff way back in 2001.  Who can look at Doodlebug and not SMILE!
I will have the great honor of designing along with these very talented ladies:

Amanda Coleman  Idaho
Amy Chappell Utah – Sewing Specialist
Jodi Wilton  Canada
Kathy Martin North Carolina – Card Specialist
                                    Melinda Spinks  Australia                                  
Monique Liedtke   Netherlands
Blog: http://moniquesscrapbook.blogspot.com
Sherry Cartwright  Texas

Shellye McDaniel  Texas
Stephanie Buice   Alabama 
Tamara Tripodi California
Tiffany Hood Utah
Tya Smith Utah
Wendy Sue Anderson  Utah

Here is one of the layouts that I created for the DT Call: 
 Goodness but I'm EXCITED...just looking at those jack 'o lanterns 
makes me giggle...now how much fun will it be to be required to play with Doodlebug? LOTS!
I'm ready for my first assignment :)
A huge "congratulations" to all of the Doodlebug ladies!
Thanks for letting me share my big-huge-excitement with you today!
  1. Woohoo!!!
    Huge congrats girl - you are the perfect fit to Doodlebug!! :)

  2. Congratulations!! Wonderful news..x

  3. Congratulations! I'm thrilled to be on another team together! Woot! :)

  4. I'm so super happy you made the team too!!!! Huge congrats my friend!!!

  5. Congrats on making the DD DT :)


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