Be Still My Heart...Pocket...Heart Pocket!

Aha!  Don’t you just love my cheesy title!?!  
Today we’re cooking up a sweet little woven heart pocket at 
The Paper Bakery
...just perfect with Valentine’s Day around the corner.
   I will give a tutorial on a basic sized-pocket, but you can surely make
 adjustments for a larger or smaller ones too.
  I believe the actual name for these cuties are “Swedish Hearts” 
so you may google that if you’re in need to additional information.

  I used one of the adorable Ruby Rock-it patterned papers from the
 December Paper Bakery Kit, but any double-sided paper will do.

 While you probably can “freehan”, it would probably work better to freehand ;)  
 And make sure that you’re rounding the end that is open, NOT at the creased end.

 You could also change the thickness of each strip by adding more cuts…
just be sure to do the same thing for both pieces. 

Aside from the fact that the proper past-tense participle for weave is 
"woven" as in "will have been woven"
(it was late when I did these photos...can you tell?  just a little? golly!)
  Let me expound on the above photo and give more detail: 
 1- Slide the entire first ‘pink’ strip through the opening of the patterned strip.  
 2- Open the next ‘pink’ strip and slide through the patterned strip. 
3- Slide the last ‘pink’ strip through the opening of the patterned strip.  
You will alternate and repeat until the heart is completed.

 Yes indeed, the last go may become a bit tedious. 
 Just hold your mouth right and you’ll get it done ;)

 Your pocket is complete and now it’s time to decorate!
I added the blue chevron ribbon from the December kit for the hanger…
use a bit of fabric glue to attach the ends to the inside/back of the pocket.
 Next I layered a paper doily from my stash with a cute pleated medallion 
that I made from the vintage “Yellow Cab” ticket, also found in the kit!  Using a flower-die,
 I rolled a flower from a scrap piece of the Ruby Rock-It paper :)
   A final touch to the flower was taking one of the yellow stick pins and snip off
 (every crafter should have a good pair of wire cutters in their stash!) the stick pin part.  
Add to the center of the flower…looks so cute!
I'll be uploading my January Paper Bakery projects to TwoPeas later today...
I hope you get a chance to come and see (link at sidebar)

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