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A happy Tuesday to you!
It's Day #2 of the
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I promised readers of the Simple Stories Blog that I would share a 
photo tutorial of how I made the cone for today's project;  it will
be shown at the end of the post, so just hang in there :)
It's super, super simple, but I know how much many of you appreciate
step-out photos...this ones for you!

This sweet little hanging cone is sturdy and deep enough 
to be filled with all sorts of goodies! 
 I really enjoyed working with the Scor-Pal scoring board 
and found the 6"marking at the bottom very useful for this project.  

For the front of my cone, I fashioned your basic medallion by pleating two strips
 of 2.5" X 12" Vintage Bliss Live Simply paper.  
I scored each strip at 1/2" intervals and then pleated.
  Glue the ends together to form a circle. 
Using a 2.5" round punch, cut a circle of paper that you will adhere your medallion to. 
 I find Aleene's Quick Dry Tacky Glue works fast and holds.

 Using a heavyweight paper helps the cone to hold its triangular shape.  
By folding the paper in a paper airplane fashion, the back of it is sturdy
enough to support a nice embellished piece.

  After your medallion is dry, have fun layering with your favorite 
journal card and embellishment stickers from Vintage Bliss.

  Lastly, I added a ruffled 'cuff' to the front, as well as a bit of doily banner from my stash.
  For the ruffle, I again scored a 2.5" x 12" strip of Vintage Bliss Be Happy Paper
but at 1/4" marks.  I then used a corner rounder to give the upward pleats a softer feel :)
Vintage Bliss-Be Happy Paper; Live Simply Paper; Yellow Grid/Dictionairy Paper;
 3x4 Journaling Card Elements; Fundamentals Cardstock Stickers; 
SN@P Colorvibe-Grey Chevron/Mini Dot Paper

  For the cone, I cut a sheet of the Grey Chevron/Mini Dot down to 8.5" X 11".  
Placing the sheet onto the Scor-Pal board horizontally, I scored my first line at 5.5".  
You will use the top portion of this center line as your 'pivot' point for all future marking
 (I found it best to mark on either side of the center mark so as not to tear the paper). 
 Coming down to the bottom of the paper, make a small mark at the 2" and 9" lines;
 pivot your paper (keeping the center lined up with the 6" mark at the top) 
and bring your 2" mark around to line up with the bottom center mark
 (which is helpfully labeled for you on the Scor-Pal) and score; do the same for the 9" line.
  Next, turn the paper vertically. 
 Make a small mark at the 2.5" and 5.5" lines (on both sides of your paper). 
 Turn your paper back to the horizontal position on the Scor-Pal and score your two
 lines by pivoting from the center point again.
 Start folding in your paper from the top until you have the beginnings of an airplane shape. 
 Bring one of the flaps across the other flap until you've formed a cone shape. 
 Apply a good adhesive and attach.
You could easily make adjustments to the paper size to create even larger
or smaller cones.  I think these would make darling Christmas ornaments,
a May-Day Tussie for fresh flowers or sweet bridal shower favors...
lots of possibilities!
As always, I'm so glad that you've stopped by to visit my blog...if
you have any questions about the tutorial, please feel free to send me an email.
And don't forget to go by the two company blogs and leave a comment so 
that you're eligible for a PRIZE...GOOD LUCK!
  1. Thanks for the tutorial, I will definitely be trying these for Valentine's Day!

  2. What a great step by step tutorial. I'm going to get my Scor-pal right now. Thank you so much.

  3. Wow! Very cool and beautiful too!


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