Skip the Sprinkles...

...dress up your next celebratory cake with a cute handmade
banner-style bunting and topper!
You can find the sweetest treasures at 
 and I used several of the shop's pieces to create this awesome cake-decorating set

For my decoration, I had in mind to keep the banner neutral so that it could be reused.  
To the die-cut decoration, you could create interchangeable sentiments.

To begin, you will need to gather a few products from the Curtsey Boutique: Five White Glitter
Pennant Embellishments, Red/White Baker’s Twine, White Glitter Vintage Birthday Cake
Embellishment and Petit Four Paper Bow. You will also need three bamboo skewers and a
1.2” -2” Glitter Alphabet Sticker (I used Pink Paislee's Portfolio Stickers)

Center and attach each letter sticker to the Glitter Pennant. Cut approximately ½ yard of the
red/white baker’s twine and lay out across a flat surface. Finding the center of the twine, attach
the middle pennant by applying a thin line of Beacon Fabri-Tac adhesive; twine may also be
attached to the back of pennant if desired.

 For the next step, you may wish to use a piece of floral foam to stabilize the skewers while you
work. Tie the banner onto each bamboo skewer and adjust the hanging position as needed. To
dress up the tops of the skewers, two ¼” chenille pom poms can be glued to the top. Hint: Snip
out a small indention in the bottom of the pom poms so that the skewer fits nicely.

 Any type of shape may be used to create the backdrop for the Glitter Vintage Birthday Cake
Embellishment! For this project, a 4” oval die cut was used and then layered with a smaller
oval topped with the embellishment. A bow of red/white baker’s twine adds interest to the
embellishment, as well as ties in with the pennant. Below the embellishment, the paper bow
was attached with a Glue Dot topped with a button tied with red/white baker’s twine.
 Thesentiment was stamped and then trimmed out, but a computer font 
(such as Typewriter orCourier) may be used instead.

 You are now ready to top the cake! With a simple banner that says “Happy” this set could also
be used for other occasions such as: retirement, 4th of July, Easter, etc...just change up the
sentiment and you’re all set.
 Other Supplies:
1.5”-2” Glitter Alphabet Stickers (Pink Paislee)
2- Bamboo Skewers
2- ¼” Red Pom Poms
Patterned paper
Stamped sentiment or computer font
Oval lace die by Spellbinders

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