Stars 'N Stripes Diorama

More red, white and blue today with Doodlebug Designs'

I feel in love with the little red airplanes...they're so cute!  
This collection includes pinwheels that you can make in a snap.
 I found this inexpensive star box (also came with a lid) at Hobby Lobby...I just knew it would 
make the cutest diorama when decorated with Stars & Stripes! 

 Three wooden dowels were wrapped in Bumblebee Washi Tape and then adored with Mini Pinwheels.  
To hide the chipboard edges and uneven papers, I glued on a trim of Ladybug Doodle Twine.
   I traced the bottom of the box and trimmed down the excessive until it fit nicely inside the box.   
 To cover the insides and sides, I cut strips of the papers and overlapped the areas so that the edges
 would blend.  For the diorama piece, I attached the die-cut embellishment to a large wooden 
spool and then glued in place. 
So many patriotic things going on over at Doodlebug Designs this week...check them out!

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