Embroidery With Twine

I'm going to step away from cards and paper projects today and share a sweet muslin bag
 that I embellished with embroidery and felt accents from Curtsey Boutique.

I started out with the idea of using this as a bag to put my everyday (ok, cheap!) jewelry into
when traveling (now I just toss earrings and bracelets into my make-up bag).  But this turned out too cute to stuff into an overnight bag...I now have it sitting out in my scraproom just as you see it :)
This was so simple to make with products at the ready from Curtsey Boutique...let's get started:

You will need: 4X6 muslin bag, a permanent marking pen, embroidery needle and baker's twine
I love all kinds of baker's twine, but at Curtsey Boutique you will find a 4 ply trim that they get exclusively from their local bakery shop!  It's not too bulky and perfect for embroidering.

Using your fine-tip marker (I used a Zig .05 tip) draw out your letter onto the muslin.
You could also trace a shape or letter if you're not comfortable drawing your own.

Thread needle with approximately 24" of twine.  Make a small knot in the end and begin your first
stitch at one end of the letter.  I made my stitches about 1/8" long and just used your basic straight stitch.

 When you get to the end of the letter and are ready to tie-off the twine, turn the bag inside out
and secure the twine into a knot.  I had also thought about stitching in a soft lining of satin, which would
make a nice landing for jewelry or other trinkets that may poke through the muslin.

Voila!  I'm thinking ahead to Christmas and possibly stitching some trees, candy canes or
snowflakes onto these...you can also dye these muslin bags...I'll try that next and share it with y'all :)

I decorated around the monogram with two yellow canary felt flowers and a butterfly pin,
also from Curstey Boutique.  I took a green felt flower and cut it apart to create the leaves.

That's all for my little tutorial today!  I hope you like it and give it a try!

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