Be(You)tiful You!

Happy Monday, friends!
Today I'm bringing a paper folding tutorial that I haven't done in a long while: tea bag folding!
  At one time I was making all sizes and shapes of these pretty pieces of folded papers.  
After searching through some old books I thought that I would introduce (or re-introduce) 
this fun technique with you using Authentique's Be{You}tiful Collection!

To begin, take your favorite pattern of paper and a 2" square punch (or use trimmer).  
Cut eight squares.

1.  Fold each square from point to point; open and fold to the opposite points.

2. Open flat and then fold in half (see crease marks of the two previous folds)

3.  Holding the folded paper facing you, squeeze in at the sides until your square resembles the above. 
 You will repeat steps 1-3 with the remaining squares.

4.  Next you will take the top two flaps and fold it back into the triangle. 
Repeat with the other top flap.

 5.  Once the two top flaps have been folded, your triangle will look like this; 
repeat with remaining triangles.

6. To begin building your embellishment you will form a circle with the eight pieces as shown. 
 Use a thin glue dot or quick drying glue to adhere the pieces together.  As you can see, just lift the
 left flap of triangle A and line up the right side of triangle B (with right flap lifted up) and adhere.
  Repeat in a counter-clockwise fashion with remaining pieces until a complete circle has been formed.

You have completed this beautiful tea-bag folded medallion! 
 I used the punch-out die-cuts from the Be(you)tiful Collection as the base for my piece...
glue dots or a high-tac adhesive works nicely.  

I dressed a wooden door hanger with a paper-pieced covering of Be(you)tiful
 patterned papers and then layered on my embellishments and stickers.  To the bottom, 
I created loops from various May Arts ribbons and topped with a shabby chic ribbon rose trim. 
 I like to hide the edges, especially when I've hand-cut paper, so I trimmed out the side in jute.

I had some leftover pretties from our recent Petaloo swap, so I added them to the
 top and sides of the medallion.  And doesn't the little BEE sticker look so cute sitting in
 the middle of the blossom!
If you're not up for a door hanger, but like the concept:  think about adding a photo to the
 round opening and then add a ribbon hanger to the top or display on an easel.
 If you have any questions please jot them down in the comments and I'll be happy to answer :)

Thanks for dropping by!

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