Kids Craft: Braided Twine Bracelet

School is out for Summer and that leaves a lot of little kiddies
without anything to do!  We're teaming up this week at 
to bring several ideas of fun and easy crafts for kids of all ages!

Today, I have a fairly easy tutorial for a Braided Twine Bracelet
This is a great opportunity for children to learn to 'braid'
(I would rate this for ages 10 and up; younger children will need assistance)

Supply List: 12 Yards of Doodlebug Twine (any colors or combinations...I used 12 different colors),
Large Button, Large Embroidery Needle, Fray Chek Solution

  1. Cut (12) twelve 1-yard increments of desired twine
  2. Gather pieces together (by matching one end) and fold in half; trim off excess twine from the other end so that the pieces match up.
  3. At the center of the fold, tie a knot to form a loop.  Make sure that the loop is large enough for the button to slip through.
  4. Loop the center loop over a bottle top or handle (as shown above)
  5. Divide the strands into three sections; each section will contain four strands of twine
  6. Braid the twine together until desired length has been achieved
  7. Knot off the end (see below) and cut off excess; dab on Fray Chek 
  8. Using large embroidery needle and twine, stitch on large button over the knotted end
  9. Decorate as desired!  Glue on beads, tie on extra buttons or leave plain.

Today we also have an adorable Bookmark and Bug Sack Puppets by fellow designers
Wendy Sue Anderson and Jodi Wilton...come by and see!

Have a terrific week!

  1. This is so cute! I love the button in the middle and how you connected the string through it. Very creative. My little niece would love this. I definitely need to show her and make her one.

    I actually use buttons a lot for DIY projects and get mine at since they have one of the best selections of buttons. You should really check them out. It's 15% off all buttons right now until 8/31/13. The promo code is: BUTTON201 and the link is:

    Thanks for this great idea! Have a good day :)

  2. Thanks Shellye for sharing this! Looks super easy, my 6 yr old daughter is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO into anything rainbows, she will have a blast doing this with me I'm sure. Now off to buy twine!


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