Halloween Parade

Just when you think Doodlebug Designs couldn't make
anything any cuter than they all ready have, they go and do it with Halloween Parade!
I should preface that by saying I love anything Halloween.
Not necessarily the actual 'day' but I love all of the fun colors,
jack 'o lanterns, spiders, bats and the season of Fall...it's just a happy time of year!
So, putting together this little pumpkin mini album was a treat from beginning to end :)

(lots and lots of photos)

I love using inexpensive pre-cut shapes for mini albums.  I found this pumpkin shape in
a set of 12 at Michael's.  Alone the pieces aren't sturdy enough for an album,
so I combined two sheets together to form one page...works great!

After tracing the pumpkin shape and cutting out, I used a 4" circle die to cut out the mats.

  Be sure to do any machine stitching or brad adding before adhering the two chipboard pages together.

 They've brought them back!  Cutely shaped sequins to match all of the collections!
I like attaching mine with brads or adding with a small glue dot and then topping
with one of the new Sprinkles.

To give a clean edge to the pages, I like to add border of twine; a fine point glue pen
 works perfectly for this.

I think this is my favorite inner page...I just love the Frank!

I'm often asked how I stitch a zig-zag around a circle; it is actually easier than it would seem. 
First, I leave my stitching size to the default provided by my machine
(which is 1.4 length X 3.5 width...and I'm not a sewing machine expert, so this may not
be the proper terms as far as length and width LOL).
 Next, I begin stitching where I know that I will place an element such as a sticker, etc.
  This is not necessary, but does help to hide the joining stitch marks in case they're uneven. 
When I start stitching I more or less allow centripetal force to take over!
Just gauge as you go along, making sure that the center point of the foot is still
lined up with the edge of the paper that you're stitching.
I would definitely practice first with this so you can get a feel for how much pressure
you need to apply on the paper as you're stitching and also to see how fast you
need to press on the pedal.  I hope this helps!

And Doodlebug Designs is having a little contest for winning some of this
adorable collection, Halloween Parade...so head on over and check out the details.

  1. This is one of the cutest albums I've seen. I wish I could get the hang of stitching looks great.


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