The Witch Is In...

...and she's made herself right at home.
She left her hat on Sydnee's chair, kicked off her boots by the door
and parked her broom next to the sofa.
She's a veritable slob; leaving her stuff laying about...and I have PROOF!

Okay, I will lighten up on our guest a little bit.  
She did commission me to fix up her pointy hat for a challenge at the
And there were some rules:  use the "Trick or Treat" Collection, crochet hearts & feathers.

Anything coned shaped can be a little intimidating to decorate, 
especially if you are planning on doing it with paper!
 For this witch's hat, I started with a malleable template
 (I used two sheets of notebook paper taped together; a heavy tissue paper would also work). 
After getting the correct pattern for the top of the hat, I traced it onto a 12 X 13 sheet of paper.
 I wanted the brim of the hat to blend in well with the design, so I added about a half of an inch
 to the bottom of the cone design and then snipped the paper so that it would fold neatly
 around the cone-shape. A band of colorful crochet hearts was added, 
along with two black feathers and a cute layered embellishment. 
I trimmed out the edge of the hat in baker's twine and then topped with a glittered styrofoam ball.

 Here is a list of the supplies that I used to make Witch's dream of a fabulous hat come true!
Trick or Treat: All Webbed Up, Paper Pieces, Alpha+Bits; 
Crochet Hearts: Orange, Gulf, Pickle Juice; Feathers: Oreo 

She stopped by to visit a few others from the Bella Blvd Design Team...
check out the blog to see what they've done for her!

Off to make some popcorn balls, just in case she comes back by 
for the wart remover she left on the windowsill...

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