Bon Voyage!

Do you have that someone in your life who loves
to hop on a cruise ship and sail away? My parents are constantly
 going on a cruise, so I made these with them in mind.
Today at Authentique Paper I have
 a neat way to send them off in style with the 
Anchored Collection!

Take an ordinary windowed bakery bag, decorate and then fill with fun treats
 that they can use and enjoy: sunscreen, Dramamine, snacks, journal, a new 
iPod etc....choose a larger bag if needed!

First, you'll need a bakery bag, or two, or can find them here

Next, using either round dies, punches or a template, match up the size of
 the window opening with the smallest die possible. 
Select a die that is roughly 1/2" larger  than the inner die.

Layer the two dies together onto a selected piece of Anchored Paper and cut!

Turn the shape into a life preserver by decorating with just a few snips of paper
 that have been glued to the sides as shown above.  Adhere over the window 
with foam adhesive for an even more dramatic look.

If you decide to also decorate the front with paper, first determine the width and height 
and then measure in from the sides to find the exact placement for the
 smallest die and then cut.  Add any embellishments, such as brads or 
hand-sewn buttons before adhering to the bag.  
That's all there is to it!  This would also make a handsome treat bag for a
 nautical themed baby shower or birthday party!

Authentique Products: Anchored Collection- Calm 12X12 Paper; Particle 12X12 Paper; 
Deep 12X12 Paper; Details Sticker Sheet; 6X6 Bundle

Other Products: My Favorite Things- Circle Dies; Curstey Boutique at Etsy- Bakery Bags
  1. What a darling idea to have a life preserver frame the window! What will you think up next?! ;)


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