Harvest Banner

I cannot express to you how much I truly, for real love this collection:
Grateful by Authentique Paper.
It's yummy beyond words with colors such as dusty pink,
vibrant oranges, rust, mint green and pine...it's soothing yet warming
at the same time!  If you love all things Fall and Thanksgiving, then you
must get this collection in your little hands!

I'm sharing a quick chipboard banner that I made with a precut pumpkin
shaped mini album that I found at Michael's.  I just traced, cut and pasted!

 Come on by the blog today and see close-up photos and
instructions on how I put it together :)

In the meantime, here are just a few of my absolute favorite
pieces from the Grateful Collection:


Beau-tiful, right?  Just click on the link above to see the collection in its entirety! 
Baccccck tomorrow!

  1. That idea is a genius one!! I have several chipboard albums I have purchased from Micheals - what a fun and perfect idea!! I am just so in love with your style and your finesse!! Thank you for always making me look at things a little differently than I already had and see the possibilities in items that I had just thought of as ordinary! Thank you for being YOU and not getting tired of my gushing every time I visit your blog!!! Love to you!!


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