Feather Poetry

Hi, everyone! I was up on the
 Echo Park Paper Blog 
yesterday with this cute DIY framed art piece that I made with the
"Anything Goes" Stamps, paper and a few accents.
You will also find a FREE printable for the poem if you'd
like to create one for yourself!

 I love the look of matte, so I painted an old gold frame with
black matte spray paint and removed the glass so that the embellishments
really pop!  You can see lots more and instructions on how I put it together:

Have a ter-rific week!
  1. What a super remarkable project that is art gallery worthy!!! Sorry to be so slow in my commenting and visiting you but between getting ready for 10 days with my grandbabies and actually being here with them I have been just a touch busy!!! But I hope you know how amazing I think you are even when I don;t get the chance to come and tell you right away!! Have a superb day and know that I love this quote and you have done a magnificent job on this piece!!!


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