Blowing Kisses Tussie Mussie

Cone shapes can be turned into party hats, trees, tussie mussies and more!  
Today I have a Valentine’s Tussie Mussie using the sweet “Blowing Kisses” Collection by

I started with a 12x12 sheet of “Tribal Chevron” paper (side B) and a cone pattern 
that I found online.  There are many, many cone patterns available so just pick your
 favorite version!  Next, I traced the pattern onto the paper, cut out and assembled. 

To the opening of the cone, I added a trim of fringe that I made with white crepe
 paper streamer.’s easy to make!  Cut three 1 yard lengths of the crepe paper 
streamer and stack them together.  Machine- stitch (straight stitch) down the center
 of the stack.  Fold along the stitching and place back onto the sewing machine 
with the stitching to the right of the needle.  Sew another straight stitch about ¼” 
from the first stitching.  Cut slits into the streamer to create the fringe look.  
Glue around the inside-opening of the cone…I doubled mine to give it a nice, fluffy look.

The front of the tussie was decorated with a layering of beautiful die-cut papers and stickers!
A generous picot-edged ribbon bow was added to the bottom and the same ribbon 
was used for the hanger at the top.

Fill your cone with your favorite wrapped candies and have on display for family or friends who may stop by.  Make smaller cones for children’s parties or for co-workers. 
 The vibrant colors of “Blowing Kisses” will definitely create many oooh’s and ahhh’s!
Blowing Kisses 

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