Greeting Card Journal Album

Happy Sunday!  
I'm so excited to be sharing this project with you today.
I've created this "Greeting Card Halloween Album"
for my project at Scrapboook Adhesives by 3L

Album Foundation

To get started I have selected five greeting cards (matching sizes) from the Dollar Tree. 
 These cards were fifty cents each; you can't beat that deal!  Plus they're
 Hallmark brand so the quality and graphics are very cute.

Secondly, I prepared the cards (as above) by creating an accordion with
 the front/backs.   I also trimmed away a small section from the edge of the card 
so that they would fit nicely.

I placed the Premium Double-Sided Tape 1/2in along the bottom and sides
 of the card, leaving the top open to make a pocket.

First I grabbed several different products by Scrapbook Adhesives: 

The retro owl card is what I chose to use for the album cover. 
 I added a die-cut to the center of him with the Crafty Foam Tape Black.

Next, I added Adhesive Dots 3D to the backs of the paper flowers
and used them to embellish the owl.

Let me share with you a look at the album pages after all were completed.  
You can see the tags that I've added to the pockets.

On one of the cards, I attached a pocket from the Keepsake Envelopes 
Not only does this hide the sentiment of the card, but it adds a spot where
 I can place ticket stubs or other memorabilia.

On this page, I added a smaller pocket that I filled with glitter before sealing.  
These make great shaker accents!

Let me know if you have any questions!

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