French Kiss Mini Album

Hi friends!
I'm sharing today over at the Doodlebug Design Blog
This sweet "French Kiss" Mini Album will have you saying "oooo la la!" 

On a recent trip to the Dollar Tree, I found a cute wall hanger:

  This hanger included four heart-shaped chipboard pieces that were the perfect size
 for a mini album.  I cut it apart the strand of hearts and used them as the five base pages:

With one side of the chipboard heart already glittered, I simply added
 a few layers of stickers and die cuts.  To the plain back-side of the heart: 
I traced the shape onto patterned paper, trimmed out and then attached with craft glue.
 The chipboard is quite thick, so I was also able to adorn the edges with chunky twine!

After all of the pages were decorated, I assembled them by creating a hole in the top left corner of each page and then used a white shower hook to hold them together.  I love using these hooks for mini albums so that they can easily be hung from a hanger or knob!

I hope that you've enjoyed this little mini and will find some wonderful ways to re-purpose fun finds on your next outing!  

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