Made With Love Recipe Board

Today I'm sharing a repurposed Valentine sign that I turned into an everyday recipe holder using the new "MadeWith Love" Collection! 

Any type of signage will work, but I've used a Valentine mason jar-shaped sign from the Dollar General.  I removed the jute bow and the gingham hearts before starting:
Next, I cut strips of patterned paper that matched the sizes of the "slats" and glued them over the painted area of the sign.

I wanted to add some color along the seams of the slats, so I cut strips of the Paper Frills in half and then glued them just along the edge.

I cut strips of paper to cover two wooden clothespins and then glue them to the two middle slats.  To the bottom right, I added a sticker and Doodle Pops!

To the top (below the metal lid) I added a pink scalloped background that I cut from a card base.  Next, I wound chunky twine around horizontally and then layered on die-cuts, stickers and Doodle Pops.  

I love that the sign can be hung or placed on an easel for easy viewing of the recipe that's been clipped on.  What a sweet gift for your favorite baker...just add hand-written recipe cards and a blank booklet of the fun Recipe Cards!

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Made With Love Caddy

 Don't throw away those cereal or cracker boxes!  Today I'm sharing the cutest "Made With Love" Caddy using a recycled cracker box and the newest collection from Doodlebug Design:

To get started I used a cracker box that measures 2"X8"X8" and gently deconstructing the box so that it was completely flat.  Next, I traced a 3" circle into a 4 circle grid onto one of the 8X8 panels.  I used a craft knife to carefully cut out the circles. 

I used one of the patterned papers from the "Made With Love" Collection Kit and adhered it to the side with the circles. Again, I carefully cut out the circles, from the patterned paper.  For the remainder of the box, I used the lighter red cardstock to cover the remaining sides (back 8X8 panel and the four sides).  After trimming away the excess red cardstock around the box, I reassembled by gluing the sides back together. 

The cardstock didn't quite cover the entire box, so I used some of the yellow Paper Frills along the edge!  I also made a handle by piecing two pieces of 1.25"X12" strips of patterned paper together.  To make the handles extra-sturdy, I first cut the two strips of paper to 3"X12" and then scored into two sections and then folding.  

I decorated the front of the caddy with one of the large die-cuts that I laminated to protect from bending.  I also hot-glued on a couple of Boutique Buttons and one of the small flower die-cuts.  

I inserted these premade paper cups (found in the Target Dollar Spot) into the four holes, but you could also use paper cups, mini jars, or even large muffins or cupcakes!
To the inside of the cups I added all sorts of goodies for crafting.  I used binder rings to hold packages of Doodle Pops and Sprinkles together.  I embellished the rings with laminated die-cuts, stickers, and a bow.

I also cut the 6X6 Paper Pad tag papers in half and they fit neatly into the paper cup.

I love the idea of using the caddy for giving craft supplies, but also think about using it for baked goods, a cupcake kit (sprinkles, cupcake liners and gift tags) or a cosmetics/manicure gift!

Thanks for joining!

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